Established in 2011, Approved by Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Affiliated by University of Dhaka, Recognized by Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery Council (BNMC).

Philosophy of EWNC & NI:

Philosophy as an attitude towards life which guides a person’s actions in his life. A philosophy of education is a set of belief that will guide educators in the development and implementation of the educational programme .

The Nursing profession provides health services to the sick & well including dying of all age groups. We the faculty believe that professionally we focus for the development of learner’s on the cognitive, Psychomotor and attitude towards nursing practice to cheer up the patient’s or clients.

In the teaching methodology we includes learning centre approach including advising and counseling for promoting competencies according to the expected needs of the learner.

We also believe after training they will be the future leaders to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing health sector globally.

Overall philosophy is to helping the students to develop their moral values (e.g responsibilities, honesty, loyalty etc.) and to achieve their highest potential which are the important components to be a good nurse as well as good human being.


The vission of EWNC&NI to build good reputation and betterment of the society by producing qualified and skilled nurses who will provide standard and lovely care to the patient/client.


The mission of this EWNC &NI is to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge which relates to nursing care individual, families and communities of our society.

It is the mission of these organizations to manage by making policy to meet up the demand of the registered nurses within our country and aboard.

The existing Courses:

There are three nursing courses are running at present.

The two nursing courses, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc in Nursing)the four academic year and Post basic B.Sc in Nursing two academic year programme, conducted by University of Dhaka and awarded “ B.Sc degree in nursing certificate. Diploma in nursing Science and Midwifery 3 academic year programme conducted by the Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery Council and awarded Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery (DNM) certificate by the BNMC.