Chairman Message

Health is the vital component of life. Man can not satisfied only by wealth but health is one of the most important sector to live happily. East West Nursing College & Institute (EWNC&I) trained the nursing students to serve quality health services based on the human needs of the population as a whole.

The quality of student’s conceptual developments depends first on how broad and how rich have been her/his early education and perceptual experiences. Here we supplied with additional education theoretical and practical with which students moves up through the curriculum of BNMC & DU based on a Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery course, Basic B.Sc in Nursing and Post basic B.Sc in Nursing courses by sound learning sequences which we arel maintaining by our expert teachers according to the particular syllabus depending on study courses.

Our students doing their clinical practice at Japan East West Medical College Hospital & Aichi Hospital Ltd. in where they are learning together from different health professionals, who are providing proper care to the patients/clients.

We try to enhance inter professional respect among the health professionals to eliminate negative and stereotypical behavior towards nurses and foster a patient centered approach in practice with honesty and accountability. We build their career on the values of human dignity, fraternity and equality which will bring the systematic functioning of the health sectors and how to serve patient with empathy and love. This is my expectation that the nursing profession intended to be awarded through dedication, devotion and involvement of millions of smiles through comprehensive nursing care by our well trained registered nurses.

Best wishes to the team of this institution, may almighty bless you all.

Ulfat Jahan Moon
East West Nursing College