Principal Message

Greetings the genuine satisfaction nurses experience from their profession is like no other. We are proud of the professional careers that our nurses develop knowledge through their study and practice spanning all our college, hospital and community.

Our nurse’s commitment extends beyond the walls of the college, Nurses present at any conference, hold professional association leadership role and donate their time, talents and resources to those in our community.

East West Nursing college is a remarkable institution from the beginning to train the students becoming knowledgeable and practicable comparatively any other nursing college.

The results are satisfactory to uphold name and fame of this college. Teachers and all others of this college are dedicated to make the environment smooth for learner. Our founder chairman and Nursing college chairmen’s keen eye’s makes its right path

I am inspired by dedication of our nurse teacher tour nursing student to engage in learning in pandemic covid-19 using technology

I am proud of the opportunity to work among such an organization.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Momtaz Begum


East West Nursing College

Turag, Dhaka-1711